Risk analysis and management

We are fully licensed with the Swedish FAA to operate commercial drones and fully insured. We have an efficient on-site risk assessment procedure and pre-site survey that is completed before the operators arrive on site.

LP-Airdesign has permit number SE-UA3 -1191 from the Swedish FAA / Swedish Transport Agency.

No Fly Zones/Restricted Areas

In Sweden there are several types of airspace in which you normally are not permitted to fly a drone. These are known as “No Fly Zones”. By default, drone operators are prohibited to fly in these areas. However, providing prior notice is given by us to airspace control authorities, we are able to obtain operation permits for these areas. We will additionally take care of any risk assessments or management plans which are required to make the operation safe.

Risky Assignments

In case of certain risky assignments for craft and camera, the client may be required to sign a separate insurance policy for our equipment.

We reserve the right to cancel the flight assignment if the safety of those involved cannot be ensured.